Global Public Investment

A Transformation in International Cooperation

The report where experts around the world boldly reimagine sustainable development finance

Discover how GPI addressed major criticisms of the international public finance system and aid. Global Public Investment is the closest thing to a new and shared vision for a universal and lasting transformation of the international development architecture.

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November 24, 2023

Highlights from our #SHIFTTHEPOWER Webinar

As we weave conversations to Bogotá, the GPI Network, along with our partners at Global Nation and the Global Fund for Communities Foundation, the GPI Secretariat hosted a webinar on Global Public Investment and what it means for communities. Our...

Southern Voice Conference

Southern Voice hosted its landmark conference on the 24th and 25th of October 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya. The conference was co-hosted with our network members in Kenya – The Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA), Global Centre...

Principles for civil society involvement in health governance

Our member StopAids launched their ‘Principles of meaningful involvement of communities and civil society in global health governance’. We encourage you to take a look at the principles and help further these in all advocacy spaces as we seek to...

Development Reimagined Loss and Damage Report

Our partners at Development Reimagined have released a report on reparations for loss and damage in climate change and unpacks the available financing options that have been fronted over time and used in practices such as special funds. Read the...

The Time is Now

As the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to set back development progress for a generation, it is clearer than ever that serious structural changes are needed to safeguard communities around the world, and the planet itself. We still haven’t worked out how to provide public goods and services effectively and fairly across the world. That’s why I wish the Expert Working Group on Global Public Investment the very best in their deliberations. The Global Public Investment approach is our best bet for modernising international public finance for the 21st century.

Rt Hon Helen Clark
Patron, Helen Clark Foundation
(former New Zealand Prime Minister and former UNDP Administrator)

What is GPI

The concept of Global Public Investment (GPI) is being developed to make the case that international public finance has a critical role to play in tackling the climate emergency, preparing for the next pandemic, and financing the Sustainable Development Goals. We need a concrete system of meeting our global ambitions through long-term, reliable investment in the goods, capital and infrastructure they require.

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History of GPI



Experts and practitioners from around the world have been developing the concept that has become known as Global Public Investment (GPI) for over a decade, building on a long tradition of critique...

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Expert Working Group

Our objective is to deliver a technically sound and politically attractive action plan for GPI which will garner support across the globe and in various sectors.

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Global Consultation

Cocreation has always been at the heart of the Global Public Investment (GPI) approach, from defining the problem that it seeks to address, to the principles that it sets out as a solution...

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