What is GPIN?

Even before Covid-19, the SDG targets, agreed just 7 years ago, were already looking hard to reach. Now, overlapping crises are making the lives of billions of people on the planet more precarious.
The world needs much more international public money invested in shared global public needs to build resilient and sustainable regional and global systems and improve countless lives. And it is not just about quantity; who makes decisions about spending is equally important; that money needs to be prioritised and managed in a way that is much more representative and effective.

The need for the GPI approach is clear, and support is growing across the political spectrum and across the world. A Global Consultation on GPI, carried out during 2021, demonstrated strong support, while highlighting new challenges and ideas.

The GPI Network enables diverse stakeholders, from NGOs to academic institutions and individual GPI supporters to align strategies, share progress and coordinate advocacy. It leverages the expertise and energy of its members to intensify the call for a global commitment to GPI and to bring it to the attention of governments and multilateral organisations around the world.



GPIN works across five core areas to build Global Public Investment as a political and financial reality:

  • 1Financing GPIN helps to secure finances that can help enable members to carry out their work of building and advocating for GPI and designing concrete solutions.
  • 2Advocacy GPIN turns members into decision makers and influential advocates who will champion GPI together.
  • 3Communications GPIN oversees a global communications strategy to ensure that decision-makers and the general public are aware and informed about GPI.
  • 4Convening GPIN represents the consortium of members and individual supporters at major processes in different thematic (e.g. climate, health, inequality) and regional (e.g. LAC, Asia, Africa, Europe, North America) processes.
  • 5Expert advice GPIN drives the technical and political expertise needed to turn GPI from an idea into a reality in dialogue with international organisations, civil society actors and academic institutions.

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