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Discover how GPI addressed major criticisms of the international public finance system and aid. Global Public Investment is the closest thing to a new and shared vision for a universal and lasting transformation of the international development architecture.

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The report brings values-based arguments about GPI’s potential for decolonisation and equity, rebuilding multilateralism, international solidarity and trust, and upholding human rights principles. Puts forward practical arguments for GPI’s potential and shows that every region in the world has cause to adopt a GPI approach.

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Section 1.- Intro

In the last few years, Global Public Investment has moved from transformational proposal many thought impossible to strategic blueprint most now think necessary and feasible. It’s time to make it a reality.

Section 2.- Unlocking global finance

The world needs to move from ad hoc crisis response to a structured approach, allocating international public finance to be invested wherever the shortfalls are greatest.

Section 3.- A politically attractive solution

Supporters of GPI must consider what would incentivise different regions and countries to take part in its co-creation. High-income countries will need to see national as well as global benefits, while less wealthy countries will want their voice and influence to increase, as well as guarantees of direct benefits from an evolved global system.

Section 4.- GPI in action

We are entering a new era in history, where our planetary security will depend on the extent to which we can improve international cooperation to ensure the supply of essential global public goods and services (such as vaccines in a pandemic), to protect the global commons (such as the polar ice caps), and to secure the right technology, infrastructure and institutions.

Section 5.- Building momentum for GPI

Over the coming months and years, GPI needs to secure buy-in through engagement with a wide range of stakeholders, including governments at all income levels, multilateral organisations and civil society groups, as well as social movements and publics.

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