Expert Working Group

Our objective is to deliver a technically sound and politically attractive action plan for GPI which will garner support across the globe and in various sectors.

The Expert Working Group on Global Public Investment (EWG-GPI) was established in October 2020 to deliberate on the key technical and political questions of GPI in order to produce a concrete proposal for its implementation, and finished its actions in May 2022, after concluding a successful Global Consultation. While the broad outlines of a new framework have been sketched out, the EWG-GPI was tasked with moving beyond principles, and envisioning what GPI will look like in practice. The EWG-GPI’s overall purpose was:

To deliver a technically sound and politically attractive action plan for GPI which will garner support across the globe and in various sectors.


How was the Expert Working Group convened?

At the core of the formation of the GPI Expert Working Group, is the concern to ensure that this is not just another ‘top down’ initiative, devised by powerful interests ‘on behalf’ of others.

By assembling an Expert Working Group in this way and reporting on its progress here, we open for a democratic and transparent route to international public spending fit for the twenty-first century.

The members (below) are drawn from across the political spectrum, from all the major regions of the world, from national government agencies, non-governmental organisations, and multilateral bodies – including UN agencies.

The EWG produced an interim report in July 2021 which formed the basis of a Global Consultation (Jul-Dec 2021). The EWG published its main recommendations in July 2022.

Equal International convened and served as the secretariat to the EWG-GPI.