Should Global Public Investment (GPI) finance social protection?

This paper is part of a series on the potential applications of GPI. In it, Martha Bekele, Jonathan Glennie and Barry Herman explore the reasons why universal social protection is a global social good and why it should be funded on a global scale, as well as some practical first steps to achieve this.

The Applicability of Global Public Investment in ASEAN for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance.

In this feasibility study, Adelina Kamal takes a look at the ASEAN region to understand how the principles of GPI could be used in the context of disaster management and humanitarian assistance.

Where Next for Aid, The Post-2015 Opportunity Report

Gail Hurley and Jonathan Glennie, supported by a team of experts from around the world (including Rathin Roy, Alioune Sall and Francisco Sagasti) set out the beginnings of the GPI approach in a joint UNDP/ODI report.

Global Public Investment: A step in the right direction

An overview by Simon Reid-Henry of how Global Public Investment can be part of a wider politics of global equality. Book Chapter (The Political Origins of Inequality, Chicago University Press, 2015)

Launch of major report at UNGA in New York

A brief description of the launch event during the UNGA 2019 in New York.

Global Public Investment 5 paradigm shifts for the future of aid Executive summary

The Executive Summary of the above report.

Global Public Investment 5 paradigm shifts for the future of aid full report

The main report underpinning calls for GPI, launched at UNGA in New York in September 2019, outlining 5 paradigm shifts required to build a new era of international financial cooperation.

From aid to Global Public Investment, an evolution in international co-operation blog

Gail Hurley and Jonathan Glennie argue that while most people thing aid should come to an end, the reality of our world demands a different, more far-sighted approach.

A proposal for a new universal development commitment paper

A paper by Andy Sumner, Myles Wickstead, Nilima Gulrajani and Jonathan Glennie setting out how much money could be raised if all countries contributed a % of their GNI to international goals.

Jonathan Glennie’s keynote lecture to Australasian Aid Conference video

A video presentation of the main concepts of GPI, about 50 min.